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Hole #8
Par 5 • Handicap 1

Many a golfer's ashes will be scattered over this hole, but well before they had intended to leave this vale of toil and sin. From the elevated tee the golfer may stand awestruck as he contemplates negotiating the enormous expanse of fairway flanked the entire distance on the left by the lake. After finding the fairway with the tee shot, the golfer has the option of laying up shot, leaving a mid to long iron to the green, or playing a heroic second shot longer and into a narrowing fairway, leaving a short iron to the green. Thence a fiendish shot over a lake to a green offering a variety of challenging pin locations. Discretion here is the better part of valor.


From the Tee Close up from the Tee A Look Back to the Tee View for the Second Shot
From the 150 in From the 150 in Close Up The Green A Look Back
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