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Hole #18
Par 4 • Handicap 8

Surely one of the most draconian finishing holes ever encountered, and a hole worthy of Darwin's ennoblement. The tree lined tee box faces secretly left to "The Office"- a collection area of golf balls, rocks, trees and broken dreams. The proper tee shot is played down the right center with perhaps a slight fade. From the fairway one spies the green perched upon a hummock, guarded in front by a deep bunker and a pond. Over the green is a large and sinister waste bunker with trees sprouting in the bunker itself. The green takes the shape of an inverted teardrop, and never allows much of its surface to be exposed to even the most astutely played shot. Few are the matches won at the expense of this magnificent gem, rather are they lost. A true test of nerve and skill, and a fitting climax to a superb course indeed.


From the Tee A Look Back to the Tee From the 150 in View for the Second Shot
The Green The Green a Close Up A Look Back  
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