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Hole #17
Par 5 • Handicap 6

The intricacies of this long, meandering test of golf are not readily evident from the tee. The strong player must play his tee ball as closely as possible to the ominous pine tree on the right of the fairway to have any hope of reaching the green in two. The prudent player assays a tee shot down the center of the fairway, and places his second to the right of the hickory- bearing hump in the center of the fairway. From here an open yet testy short iron must carry one of four cavernous bunkers guarding the right side of the green. To attempt the second shot left of the hickory is risky. However, the reward is a relatively easy pitch to the green which is both long and narrow.


From the Tee A Look Back to the Tee View for the Second Shot View for the Third Shot
The Green The Green Close Up A Look Back  
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