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Hole #14
Par 5 • Handicap 14

No less and authority than the late Bobby Jones regarded the short par fives as the linchpin of a golf course, and one wishes that he could view number fourteen. Modest in length and with a large bunker left in the landing area and a brook right, it nonetheless requires a strong tee shot to make reaching the green in two a possibility. The prudent player lands his second shot short of the pond which fronts the green, the audacious player plays at the green or to the small landing area to the right of the pond. Several levels of putting surface are clearly in evidence, and a pin placement to the left rear of the green brings both the pond and a broad rear bunker into play.


From the Tee Close up from the Tee A Look Back to the Tee View for the Second Shot
From the 150 in The Green The Green A Look Back
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